“The genuine dramatic suspense will keep many readers awake long after bedtime. . . Daniel, with Sea Creatures, gets it absolutely pitch perfect.” (Laura Albritton, Miami Herald)

“A tender tale of a woman navigating the responsibilities and risks of parenthood.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

“It will end too soon, but you’ll tear through this utterly enthralling novel anyway.” (Catherine Newman, More Magazine)

“An enduring, gripping second tour of this mesmerizing locale.” (Kendal Weaver, Associated Press)

“A gorgeous story that spans the full experiential spectrum of romantic and parental love, artistic impulse, betrayal, sacrifice, and redemption.” (Mari Malcolm, Sr. Editor, Best Books of August, Top Pick)

Sea Creatures is a rich, languid read. When you’re done savoring the last page, you too will want to take a dip in warm salty water, lie in the sun, and ponder the care you give your loved ones and the limits of your own safe harbor.” (Pamela Akins, Florida Book Review)

“Well crafted and delightful to read, with an almost magical quality . . . engrossing, highly memorable.” (Emma Cueto, Bustle)

“‘Sea Creatures’ is . . . an intelligent page-turner (that is, the dream combination) about, among other things, South Florida, art, insomnia and marriage.” (Curtis Sittenfeld: By the Book, New York Times Book Review)

“Daniel dives into tumultuous waters and emerges with a mesmerizing, beautiful novel.” (Jeanne Kolker, Wisconsin State Journal)

“A beautiful book.” (Rob Cline, Cedar Rapids Gazette)

“Well-paced, carefully worded adventures with hurricanes, swamp swimming, and a hermit who lives in a stilt house build to an ending awash with emotion.” (DailyCandy)

“Daniel’s verdant descriptions of salt and sea continue to shine, as does her portrayal of a mother struggling to protect her son.” (Publishers Weekly)

Sea Creatures, for me, is the perfect blend of serious literature, family drama, and captivating page-turner.” (The Well-Read Redhead Blog)

“Daniel returns to her hometown of Miami to offer a painfully honest look at the imperfections of parenthood . . . Don’t confuse the waterfront setting with light beach reading; this is substantive domestic drama.” (Library Journal)

“A captivating, haunting novel about the complexities of the human heart and its attachments, terrain as slippery and beautiful and disaster-prone as Daniel’s South Florida.” (Abraham Verghese, Author of Cutting for Stone)

“Susanna Daniel’s powers of creation are so vast, and the South Floridian landscape she describes so vivid, that this lifelong Manhattanite briefly thought of hurricane-proofing her own windows. But what I found most stirring in SEA CREATURES is how deftly Daniel exposes one of the most agonizing realities of parenthood: that no matter how hard we try, or how endless our love for our children may be, we are hampered by our own limitations, sometimes even tragically.” (Helen Schulman, Author of This Beautiful Life)

“Susanna Daniel brings an uncommon intimacy to her characters’ lives, and also to the landscape where those lives unfold–a cartographer not only of the shore and the ocean but of the passions, bruises, joys, and insufficiencies of the human heart.” (Kevin Brockmeier, Author of The Brief History of the Dead)