“From the first splash as a young man dives off the edge of a house, Stiltsville is an extraordinary triumph of storytelling.”
— PEN American Center

“A riveting novel filled with pathos.”
— Barnes & Noble

The author's oldest son has his own opinions of the book.

The author’s oldest son has his own opinions of the book.

“Disarmingly good.”

“Stiltsville reminds us to appreciate the small but potent magic in everyday life.”
— The Miami Herald

“Lyrically written . . . The reading experience is captivating.”
— The Denver Post

“A quietly remarkable novel.”
— The Palm Beach Post

“This soulful novel will inspire you to reflect on your own definitions of house, home, and what really makes a couple close.”
— Redbook

“Lovely and unaffected, honest and open.”
— The Huffington Post

“Daniel’s descriptive style and strong character development keep you turning pages.”
— The Florida Times-Union

“Daniel strikes a perfect balance of wit, weakness and tenderness . . . Wonderfully buoyant.”
— Book Page

“With its lush flora and constant sun, South Florida is the true star of Daniel’s exquisite debut . . . Beautifully told.”
— Publishers Weekly

“A book characterized by lushly descriptive and complex writing . . . written with great delicacy and discretion.”
— Booklist

“Highest recommendation for this engrossing, elegant and highly satisfying story.”
— Book Reporter

New babies. The author's second son naps beside the author's second book.

New babies. The author’s second son naps beside the author’s second book.

“Stiltsville is straightforward and unsurprising, and each day that I was reading it, I could not wait to return to it.”
— Cynthia Newberry Martin, Contrary Magazine

“Fans of well-told, straightforward narratives will get caught up in these ordinary people’s lives.”
— Seattle Woman Magazine

“I read this novel in a breathless rush — and then I did it all over again”
— Robin Antalek, The Post Star