STILTSVILLE takes the Page 69 Test

Posted on September 7th, 2010

I was recently invited by ┬áto put STILTSVILLE to the Page 69 Test. I’ve known about the Page 69 Test for a long while, and was very happy to do it. It’s not as easy as it looks — but basically, the idea is to look at page 69 (and only page 69) of your own novel, and explain whether it’s representative of the novel as a whole.

Here’s what I decided (you can read the full entry at The Page 69 Test’s website):

Stiltsville┬áspans three decades and is structured into seven sections, each of which covers a pivotal moment in the narrator’s marriage and South Florida history. The intervening years are telescoped at the start and end of each chapter. Page 69 covers the years between the second chapter (in which the narrator falls in love) and the third chapter (in which the narrator first recognizes the fragility of her own marriage) . . .

Read the full article at The Page 69 Test.


One thought on “STILTSVILLE takes the Page 69 Test

  1. I loved your book…in fact I am still thinking about it after finishing it. I cried through the last part, it was very touching. I saw some of the same struggles my husband and I had in it…very real. After finishing and reading “about the author” I noticed you live in Madison, WI, as do I. Thought it was funny I did not know that until the end. Looking forward to another book soon, thanks for the good read.


    p.s. I dream of Florida in the winter too!